A Whole Lotta Awesome

I hate when people say something about “finding a man” to me. Mainly because I didn’t realize I was missing one?? I’ve gone 24 years without a man and I’ve done some pretty kick ass stuff, (you know…graduate from a Big Ten university, score a well paying job, travel to different countries, etc. etc.). At this point, a man would literally only bring me down. I will never understand the idea that a woman is ‘incomplete’ if she doesn’t ‘have’ a man. It’s a crock of shit to be honest with you. (Note: let’s stop with the whole ownership mentality when it comes to relationships because…yikes). Look at Susan B. Anthony. Condoleezza Rice. Tyra Banks. Freakin’ Joan of Arc. The list goes on and on. Women can, and often do, accomplish incredible things without a man by their sides. So let’s kill the idea that women need men in order to be considered ‘whole’. We’re already ‘whole’. A whole lotta awesome.